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cdxlix. basic training #9

September 12, 2006

love is a prayer you haven’t figured out.


cdxxxii. basic training #8

August 10, 2006

love is a man’s small step into the weightlessness of an inner space, an odyssey into dizzying orbits, an astral knot away from home.

ccclxxix. basic training #7

July 2, 2006

love is a series of loops, a telephone cord encircling the world twice.

ccxcviii. basic training #6

April 22, 2006

love is a tooth just waiting for its cavities to be filled.

cclxxxii. basic training #5

April 11, 2006

love is when i stand on the same invisible line, as always, trying to keep still and calling it my revolution.

ccxxiv. basic training #4

March 7, 2006

love is a masquerade of false personas, mass-produced with colorful shades of tawny, beige, and an array of nude tones. we are taught to hide and conceal flaws and imperfections that may be unacceptable to the public.

cliii. basic training #3

January 25, 2006

love is the dagger you see before you in one of your softest soliloquies.

cxv. basic training #2

January 3, 2006

love is a rainbow painted in shades of black and sprinkled with dull razorblades.

cxiv. basic training #1

January 3, 2006

love is a house on that street just like all the others. careful to adapt yourself accordingly, or you might just miss out on it.