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lii. platelet count

November 30, 2005

your words get under my skin, creep through my bloodstream, make their way to my heart. everything you feel makes me feel a little less alone.


li. nightmare

November 30, 2005

the cops edited the scenery, spun it around by planting cocaine on you, bursted through the door as you sagged in your apathetic chair. your eyes glued to the dog shit the officer had on his shoe, connected to the carpet.

l. tightlipped

November 29, 2005

i will drift like a ghost through my own life.

xlviii. bon appetit

November 27, 2005

they didn’t believe i’d do it. neither did i. but i did it. it’s like the drama that ate itself for dinner, and i just ate the panic and farted it back out.

xlvii. megahertz

November 27, 2005

the television was held on mute, analog waves were dancing in the room. i thought it’s time we got on with our lives.

xlvi. outside

November 26, 2005

it’s still humid, but there are rainbows in sight that are crawling out from under the cars to join the three week-old puddles and seep down gutters. but i don’t really mind.

xlv. time/frames

November 25, 2005

see, it’s just that when you ask, i can’t tell you. all that comes out are white clouds in the morning and dark skies by six. everything else is severed. still frames of us here. and there. and then they’re gone.

xliv. about five full moons ago

November 25, 2005

we fled this routine city in a black ford lynx ’05.

xliii. torture

November 25, 2005

our hearts beat like high beams, so fast and so blinding, you’re winding the phone cord around my neck.

xlii. the dark is moving in

November 24, 2005

a nebulous wall of black floating over buildings, some tendrils close enough to touch church spires, some thunderclaps loud enough to vibrate the windows.