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cdlxv. avoiding complications

September 27, 2006

don’t drink. don’t smoke. don’t sleep around. don’t take drugs if you can help it. do drive safely. stop when the light turns red. there are reasons for such rules.


cdlvii. truce

September 20, 2006

the war is scheduled for next week. it will be a short war, possibly bloodless. and on the weekend, there will be dancing and birthday parties.

cdlv. after a walk

September 18, 2006

cut down by the sky. between shapes, moving toward the serpent and crystal-craving shapes. i’ll let my hair grow. maybe.

cdliv. sunday mute

September 17, 2006

i didn’t talk all day long but it was quite exhausting.

cdli. stair

September 14, 2006

the stages of losing like holding onto water. the cold rushing by nearly waking. i couldn’t stay that way. that’s why i’ve gifted the breeze with nothing, with steps of air.

cdxlix. basic training #9

September 12, 2006

love is a prayer you haven’t figured out.

cdxlvi. on learning to laugh it off

September 9, 2006

a little game i’ll never break because you’re always on my mind. oh yeah.

cdxliv. my love

September 7, 2006

and when it gets darker, there will always be the moon: creamy like her skin, heavy like her heart, constant like our love.

cdlxi. marian

September 5, 2006

the desire to hear what you’re up to as a tale of glory is so strong in me. i go running to have something to do.

cdlx. ???

September 4, 2006

who knew the sky was so heavy? who knew speed could catch light’s comeuppance? who knew together they would sag, ruffle, catch, and molt?