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cdlvii. truce

September 20, 2006

the war is scheduled for next week. it will be a short war, possibly bloodless. and on the weekend, there will be dancing and birthday parties.


cdxix. yousweetsexythangyou

July 30, 2006

i pierce you, my dick like a bayonet in your somnolent orifice, weary like me, hoping you pour out more for us to float on. you, the gondolier guiding me as i surround your venetian boat vessel.

cccxcvi. pity

July 13, 2006

hands stroke under my sheets, drawing lost loves back to haunt. they piggyback old wants onto your cries.

ccclxxv. sex tonight

June 30, 2006

stop thinking. just follow what you need. that’s how the insects do it.

ccclxiv. masturbation

June 3, 2006

drunk, i called you, my left hand, my old flame.

cccxxx. rainy night tonight

May 12, 2006

every leaf and breath and star and crickets and voice was perfect, lost in time like me, and i sang for the moon into dawn, the moon tearing wounds in the sky, savage and desperate to send me to bed.

ccciv. beauty lies in simplicity

April 25, 2006

i lie spent on some stranger’s naked back, the village idiot fingering god.

ccxc. naked lap artist

April 17, 2006

you bring me butter. you bring me cream. you bring me back to my teens. you erase the slate. you wipe it clean. you render me artless. you render me.

cclxx. farting

April 4, 2006

sometimes we talk about those kinds of things.

cclxiii. when in doubt, use duct-tape

March 30, 2006

and when in rome, check out the bulletproof pope mobile. now that’s faith in action. driving around in circles.