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cdxiii. wilson st

July 26, 2006

i imagine old friends coming over for a barbecue and i call everyone by first name. sometimes it’s so real, i taste their favorite drinks on my tongue.


cdvii. when my parents first met

July 21, 2006

rainbows settled in silent flares around their faded bell-bottoms and defiant hair, igniting them. they were the revolution.

ccclix. gracia

May 30, 2006

she’s plucking eyebrows and staring in the mirror and letting it all blow up.

ccxcvii. mel, may you rest in peace

April 21, 2006

the angels are drops of water sliding back and forth on anxious fingers ready to testify: maybe i should pretend they’re not there. they’ve all gone anyway, like a million glances evaporating quickly into make-believe air.

lxv. to the only prophet

December 8, 2005

there’s always a piano playing in the europe of your mind.

xxvii. badman and throbin

November 16, 2005

i fantasize that my father and i create similar glimpses of a more expansive consciousness.