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ccclxxv. sex tonight

June 30, 2006

stop thinking. just follow what you need. that’s how the insects do it.


ccclxxiv. come here, my love

June 29, 2006

you will be here soon, and then we’ll say the hundred words of love as part of our improvised ritual that no one will ever ridicule.

ccclxxiii. rain

June 28, 2006

why on windy days do you come down at an angle?

ccclxxii. date

June 27, 2006

yes, i am dressed badly. but when i pay off my debts, i’ll get some fine clothes and you will still not love me. however, when i walk down your street dressed in my respectable-man disguise, i won’t be carrying you around in my heart like this, thank god.

ccclxxi. fig

June 27, 2006

if you weren’t the only tree around i probably wouldn’t be quite as attracted to you. but if you could suck my dick, then that would be excellent.

ccclxx. gone, like n’sync

June 26, 2006

he went on hiatus for 18 days without hanging a sign on the door. but he’s back, but he’s back.

ccclxix. search engines rock

June 7, 2006

when people visit your site via “i want to learn how to fuck” string, wouldn’t that scare you? no? not even a wee bit?

ccclxviii. the tenth joyful mystery

June 6, 2006

we went to visit your friend who provided us with ammunition. she yapped on about her bone structure and stared at me like i was a vietnamese girl with norwegian hips. we were now, candidly, ortho.

ccclxvi. club

June 4, 2006

now that it’s over, why go back to the bar where i used to drink and think of you?

ccclxv. nope

June 4, 2006

you don’t hear me talking about my problems because i don’t know how. it’s not that they’re not terrible, i can think of a few people i’d wish them on. and it’s not a sentimental problem like a broken heart. it’s something, though. a big impossible something.