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cccxciii. ha

July 11, 2006

my laughter once rang like fine church bells, but your shadow has pressed me flat. i’ve forgotten my name, my mother’s name, the town of my birth, the face of my first lover, the color of my father’s hair. i’ve forgotten it all.


cccxc. revisiting the after party

July 9, 2006

we fell into each other after, grasping and frantic, eager to stretch that fire into forever.

cccxxxiv. oh, saturdays

May 13, 2006

those nights, those same mothers opened their windows to let in the warm breeze and woke the next morning to the moaning of pigeons roosting in dresser drawers, escaping sunday’s chilly dawn.

cclxxviii. erasure

April 9, 2006

but who thinks of these things?

clxix. glitches (the skin you’re in)

February 2, 2006

i remember that skin and the sleek electric touch, blue aura crackle across the spectrum of my freudian vision.

cxliv. sift

January 20, 2006

remember when we were honest with each other? neither do i.

lxxii. ex

December 11, 2005

we met in separate glass boxes. everybody was watching. we improvised madly when the lights went off. some wanted an x. most wanted an o. and we managed to block each other when all the buzzing was gone.

lxiii. i think i met you

December 6, 2005

though i can’t be sure because something was driving ahead of my car.

liv. ozone

December 1, 2005

the buses slither down the streets at all hours, exhaust rolling out into thick grey clouds. these things remind me of you, and the way you used to crave for those cigarettes.

xxviii. great shutter speed

November 16, 2005

for a split second i didn’t catch the assumption, didn’t see the train of thought you were following. i was just stunned so i did not introduce myself.