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cdxxii. geran

August 2, 2006

as anticipation fueled our days and lust kidnapped our nights with your many caresses, marking my body as yours, misgivings faded.


cdxix. yousweetsexythangyou

July 30, 2006

i pierce you, my dick like a bayonet in your somnolent orifice, weary like me, hoping you pour out more for us to float on. you, the gondolier guiding me as i surround your venetian boat vessel.

cccxcix. upheaval

July 15, 2006

you said you wanted me to hold you. i rushed inside you instead.

cccxcvi. pity

July 13, 2006

hands stroke under my sheets, drawing lost loves back to haunt. they piggyback old wants onto your cries.

ccclxxxii. innocence

July 4, 2006

it’s kind of like learning to slip my briefs off so you can touch me–those little tricks you learn over the years in some dark backseat of a car or maybe if you’re lucky, a sofa.

ccclxxv. sex tonight

June 30, 2006

stop thinking. just follow what you need. that’s how the insects do it.

ccclxxi. fig

June 27, 2006

if you weren’t the only tree around i probably wouldn’t be quite as attracted to you. but if you could suck my dick, then that would be excellent.

ccclxiv. masturbation

June 3, 2006

drunk, i called you, my left hand, my old flame.

cccxl. i have two bodies

May 18, 2006

the one you see and the one you do not see. i use one for buying groceries, the other for eating them. my private body likes to play with light. the other body likes to attend peep shows, and it is the one that starts all those erections.

cccxviii. broccoli or brussel sprouts?

May 4, 2006

the point really is, i wanted to say something profound about time and mirrors, but then i get so far inside you, i forget.