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cdlxxxiv. pastures

December 2, 2006

laboring over goodbyes always felt trite, so forgive the brevity of this partial ending, partial forgetting. please queue at creating patterns. this is the end, my friends. comments are appreciated.


cdiv. harlem

July 19, 2006

maybe my dreams of you ran through my fingertips until the weary fires finally died. perhaps disappointed tears doused them, bright vibrant colors running down through dead uneven grass to the seas where even the dolphins have grown oddly quiet.

ccclxxii. date

June 27, 2006

yes, i am dressed badly. but when i pay off my debts, i’ll get some fine clothes and you will still not love me. however, when i walk down your street dressed in my respectable-man disguise, i won’t be carrying you around in my heart like this, thank god.

ccclxvi. club

June 4, 2006

now that it’s over, why go back to the bar where i used to drink and think of you?

cccxlv. shut/atrium

May 21, 2006

shut: you can hold it. you should have gone. before we left, before we left. atrium: this is where you wait.

clxxxviii. i hate to disappoint

February 13, 2006

but maybe i spoke too soon. then again, there’s a plus side to my saying that because that could just as easily be the case right now.

clxxxi. you can’t work from home

February 9, 2006

regardless of your thrumming laptop telling the world that it doesn’t matter what the conditions may be.

cxxvi. rugby

January 9, 2006

i guess we’re stuck and that’s the way i want it because then i wouldn’t have to worry about falling apart.

cv. stop-don’t-pause-go

December 30, 2005

red light as you leave again. you walk right through the puddle on the street. you don’t pause, don’t even glance at your feet, because who really waits for the green light at 4 am? i do.

xc. we’re better when we’re farther apart

December 21, 2005

you are thirty. you are young. i am thirty one. i am younger.