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cdliii. imagine

August 29, 2006

if you will, three mice. contrary to what you have heard, they are not blind, but are in a spaceship traveling near the speed of light. this makes them unavailable for your supper, yes.

ccclxix. search engines rock

June 7, 2006

when people visit your site via “i want to learn how to fuck” string, wouldn’t that scare you? no? not even a wee bit?

ccclxi. it never rains in southern california

June 1, 2006

uhm, california is, like, so totally, like, oh my god, nice and stuff. totally. see you in, like, december or something.

cclxx. farting

April 4, 2006

sometimes we talk about those kinds of things.

cclxiii. when in doubt, use duct-tape

March 30, 2006

and when in rome, check out the bulletproof pope mobile. now that’s faith in action. driving around in circles.

ccliv. he antedated the last 5 entries

March 25, 2006

because his fucking laptop sucked and gave him testicle cancer. he threw it away yesterday.

clxxxvii. funk

February 13, 2006

oh my darling, put your clothes back on.

cxxxiv. dior is not italian food

January 13, 2006

and it’s not even italian.

cxxix. when life hands you lemons

January 10, 2006

you make lemonade. or you could just squeeze the citric acid into the bitch’s eyes and watch her squirm.

cix. miss pac man

January 1, 2006

i fell in love at the arcade today. i’m not sure if you know her. she has a pretty bow, and best of all, she swallows.