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cdlxi. marian

September 5, 2006

the desire to hear what you’re up to as a tale of glory is so strong in me. i go running to have something to do.


cdlix. be warned

September 3, 2006

don’t think for one fucking instant that i don’t have a heart.

cdliii. imagine

August 29, 2006

if you will, three mice. contrary to what you have heard, they are not blind, but are in a spaceship traveling near the speed of light. this makes them unavailable for your supper, yes.

cdxli. until

August 18, 2006

last night, after the rains, in that moment of mindless oblivion, you called out his name.

ccclxxxviii. visions

July 8, 2006

now, if i were a liar, would i come clean about all that stuff and mess up everyone’s apple pie vision of relationships? i ask you. look into my eyes. do i seem like that sort of person?

ccclxxii. date

June 27, 2006

yes, i am dressed badly. but when i pay off my debts, i’ll get some fine clothes and you will still not love me. however, when i walk down your street dressed in my respectable-man disguise, i won’t be carrying you around in my heart like this, thank god.

ccclxiii. relief

June 2, 2006

you say you’ve had it with getting hungry, angry, lonely, and tired. give me back my shovel when you’re done digging.

cccli. cunt

May 26, 2006

i’d like to tie you to a bumper. grab some rope, brother, and get in line.

cccxlix. vin rouge

May 24, 2006

red wine from a tall clear glass, i write with you flowing from my pen: you are deeper than a cello and clearer than night.

cccxxxiii. wanna fuck?

May 13, 2006

yes. i am saying no.