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cdlvii. truce

September 20, 2006

the war is scheduled for next week. it will be a short war, possibly bloodless. and on the weekend, there will be dancing and birthday parties.


cdxlvi. on learning to laugh it off

September 9, 2006

a little game i’ll never break because you’re always on my mind. oh yeah.

cdxliv. my love

September 7, 2006

and when it gets darker, there will always be the moon: creamy like her skin, heavy like her heart, constant like our love.

cdlviii. might be you, might be me

September 2, 2006

the mirror’s not convincing–that at-best inferred person.

cdxxii. geran

August 2, 2006

as anticipation fueled our days and lust kidnapped our nights with your many caresses, marking my body as yours, misgivings faded.

cdxix. yousweetsexythangyou

July 30, 2006

i pierce you, my dick like a bayonet in your somnolent orifice, weary like me, hoping you pour out more for us to float on. you, the gondolier guiding me as i surround your venetian boat vessel.

cdiv. harlem

July 19, 2006

maybe my dreams of you ran through my fingertips until the weary fires finally died. perhaps disappointed tears doused them, bright vibrant colors running down through dead uneven grass to the seas where even the dolphins have grown oddly quiet.

cccxcix. upheaval

July 15, 2006

you said you wanted me to hold you. i rushed inside you instead.

cccxciii. ha

July 11, 2006

my laughter once rang like fine church bells, but your shadow has pressed me flat. i’ve forgotten my name, my mother’s name, the town of my birth, the face of my first lover, the color of my father’s hair. i’ve forgotten it all.

ccclxxxviii. visions

July 8, 2006

now, if i were a liar, would i come clean about all that stuff and mess up everyone’s apple pie vision of relationships? i ask you. look into my eyes. do i seem like that sort of person?