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cdlv. nostradamus would be ashamed

August 31, 2006

why predict sexual dysfunction when there are tidal waves in the offing?

cdliii. imagine

August 29, 2006

if you will, three mice. contrary to what you have heard, they are not blind, but are in a spaceship traveling near the speed of light. this makes them unavailable for your supper, yes.

cdxlix. cf

August 25, 2006

i love your words more and more, the delight of similarities differently read, falling like cold but romantic nights.

cdxlv. learn to look beyond

August 22, 2006

real treasures must be peeled apart much the way you’d peel an onion: a layer at a time.

cdxli. until

August 18, 2006

last night, after the rains, in that moment of mindless oblivion, you called out his name.

cdxxxii. basic training #8

August 10, 2006

love is a man’s small step into the weightlessness of an inner space, an odyssey into dizzying orbits, an astral knot away from home.

cdxxvii. a-10-shun

August 6, 2006

if we could only fathom what a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience life is, perhaps we would pay more attention to it.

cdxxvi. this war

August 5, 2006

predators don’t have regrets. memory does. predators, however, unfortunately, like their prey, have memory. i want to eat up all the histories of all of men and thereby set them free. but sometimes i suspect the selfish content of my motives.

cdxxii. geran

August 2, 2006

as anticipation fueled our days and lust kidnapped our nights with your many caresses, marking my body as yours, misgivings faded.