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cclxiii. when in doubt, use duct-tape

March 30, 2006

and when in rome, check out the bulletproof pope mobile. now that’s faith in action. driving around in circles.


cclx. you want a haiku?

March 29, 2006

not quite a captured kodak moment, oh no. far from profound, and it likes to break all kinds of rules, especially the ones of sound. do you still want a haiku?

cclix. unbeaten paths

March 28, 2006

hopefully, not too many of you wander this path: i enjoy writing with the computer as it comes out different. the slow hand that moves the pen is like switching rails. or being homeless.

cclvi. dry month

March 26, 2006

we’ve walked too far, march, sharp air clicking around us. the city is sleeping, march, and there are prayers to be said. we’ve walked far, march. the city is still sleeping, but we need to turn home.

ccliv. he antedated the last 5 entries

March 25, 2006

because his fucking laptop sucked and gave him testicle cancer. he threw it away yesterday.

cclii. might break as a layer of skin

March 24, 2006

well and everything was yeah put back together then like before but better than uhm that.

ccxlix. erasure

March 22, 2006

by the time they do, just hairpins in the air, floating, will be all that’s left of you.

ccxlviii. maybe

March 21, 2006

today, i saw a man walking an imaginary dog with a long leash. maybe it was just a man with a stick. or maybe it was just an illusion of the sun. tonight, i hope this pillow is enough.

ccxlvii. yeah, i’ll play

March 20, 2006

oh, don’t worry, baby. i’ll play your game. sure, i don’t have much practice, but i’m a quick learner. checkmate.

ccxliv. plasticity pollutes us

March 19, 2006

inhale. artificiality is bound to fail, if not sooner, then later. everyone is a failure. exhale. the air has been contaminated for centuries. no one can taint it any further. the damage has been done.