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cdxliv. my love

September 7, 2006

and when it gets darker, there will always be the moon: creamy like her skin, heavy like her heart, constant like our love.


cdxlix. cf

August 25, 2006

i love your words more and more, the delight of similarities differently read, falling like cold but romantic nights.

cccxc. revisiting the after party

July 9, 2006

we fell into each other after, grasping and frantic, eager to stretch that fire into forever.

ccclxxiv. come here, my love

June 29, 2006

you will be here soon, and then we’ll say the hundred words of love as part of our improvised ritual that no one will ever ridicule.

ccclxvi. club

June 4, 2006

now that it’s over, why go back to the bar where i used to drink and think of you?

cccxvii. you and me and don mclean

May 4, 2006

i don’t know why i sing “starry, starry night”, nor do i know what vincent was trying to say. all i know is everything comes alive; every blue, every yellow, and everything i knew of everything when i’m with you.

cclxxxix. tango

April 16, 2006

of course, we know, there are no forevers.

ccxxv. what the calendar doesn’t show

March 8, 2006

the world may take your hair, your mind, your body, but not your eyes and the way you give them to me.

clxvi. bjork

February 1, 2006

i hear you’re like a hunter now, your footsteps in the leaves. i would gladly leave my hiding place. yes, i’m hoping to be seen, so let your arrow fly. i’m well within your aim and please don’t let me escape.

clxi. the broken clock is like a psalm

January 29, 2006

i like for sunday to go real, real slow, like a deaf-mute clock from the 60’s, silently stuttering on the wall, or like you on top before the coming goes.