Archive for May, 2006

ccclix. gracia

May 30, 2006

she’s plucking eyebrows and staring in the mirror and letting it all blow up.

cccliv. king kong in manila

May 28, 2006

on free ice cream days, i wish i was a giant, lifting the lids of the buildings to see if they’re still good.

cccliii. wait, i’m confused

May 27, 2006

if i accept that i’m unique, do i have to give up the idea that i’m special? have to, should, right, wrong. now go in there and fight for your right not to fight. tell me again how rumi is better than batman?

ccclii. signal to noise ratio

May 26, 2006

i heard you don’t want to post blogs anymore. cool. but we were talking and we were wondering over there. who are you now?

cccli. cunt

May 26, 2006

i’d like to tie you to a bumper. grab some rope, brother, and get in line.

cccxlix. vin rouge

May 24, 2006

red wine from a tall clear glass, i write with you flowing from my pen: you are deeper than a cello and clearer than night.

cccxlvii. good samaritan

May 23, 2006

outside the gym, i left three coins in a damp, old shoebox with a photograph of your dog inside. the lid was kept together by a red elastic band. i kept on driving in a straight line while the birds tweeted over my head.

cccxlv. shut/atrium

May 21, 2006

shut: you can hold it. you should have gone. before we left, before we left. atrium: this is where you wait.

cccxliii. bomberclad joint

May 20, 2006

reading is part of life, the anatomy of melancholy is part of life, music is part of life. but is it clear yet what wittgenstein meant when he declared that a subject is a limitation of the world? it is not. it is saturday. let’s party.

cccxl. i have two bodies

May 18, 2006

the one you see and the one you do not see. i use one for buying groceries, the other for eating them. my private body likes to play with light. the other body likes to attend peep shows, and it is the one that starts all those erections.