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cdlx. ???

September 4, 2006

who knew the sky was so heavy? who knew speed could catch light’s comeuppance? who knew together they would sag, ruffle, catch, and molt?


cdlv. nostradamus would be ashamed

August 31, 2006

why predict sexual dysfunction when there are tidal waves in the offing?

cdi. thinking about last night

July 16, 2006

fast car. how fast can it go? rev up the motor. let out the throttle. full speed around that next curve. if you fly at the speed of light, will you disappear into the moon’s belly? i wonder.

ccclxxxviii. visions

July 8, 2006

now, if i were a liar, would i come clean about all that stuff and mess up everyone’s apple pie vision of relationships? i ask you. look into my eyes. do i seem like that sort of person?

ccclxxiii. rain

June 28, 2006

why on windy days do you come down at an angle?

ccclxix. search engines rock

June 7, 2006

when people visit your site via “i want to learn how to fuck” string, wouldn’t that scare you? no? not even a wee bit?

ccclxvi. club

June 4, 2006

now that it’s over, why go back to the bar where i used to drink and think of you?

ccclxii. finish line

June 2, 2006

when we’re dead and it’s quitting time at the death factory, and if the road home goes downhill, wouldn’t that be an improvement?

cccliii. wait, i’m confused

May 27, 2006

if i accept that i’m unique, do i have to give up the idea that i’m special? have to, should, right, wrong. now go in there and fight for your right not to fight. tell me again how rumi is better than batman?

ccclii. signal to noise ratio

May 26, 2006

i heard you don’t want to post blogs anymore. cool. but we were talking and we were wondering over there. who are you now?