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cdlix. be warned

September 3, 2006

don’t think for one fucking instant that i don’t have a heart.


ccclxix. search engines rock

June 7, 2006

when people visit your site via “i want to learn how to fuck” string, wouldn’t that scare you? no? not even a wee bit?

cccxxxiii. wanna fuck?

May 13, 2006

yes. i am saying no.

ccliv. he antedated the last 5 entries

March 25, 2006

because his fucking laptop sucked and gave him testicle cancer. he threw it away yesterday.

lxi. aria

December 6, 2005

your voice is like a fucking orgasm. but the words that spill out of your mouth aren’t the ones i wish to hear. but i will take them anyway.

xxxii. just pause

November 19, 2005

if i could have anything, i’d like to have the ability to fuck with time. pause, sleep late, resume, be just a little early, or speed through the day to spend forever in a breath, a kiss, or a blank stare. then pause again.