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cdxix. yousweetsexythangyou

July 30, 2006

i pierce you, my dick like a bayonet in your somnolent orifice, weary like me, hoping you pour out more for us to float on. you, the gondolier guiding me as i surround your venetian boat vessel.


cdxiii. wilson st

July 26, 2006

i imagine old friends coming over for a barbecue and i call everyone by first name. sometimes it’s so real, i taste their favorite drinks on my tongue.

cdviii. adhd

July 22, 2006

all day, the need to avoid paying attention was welling up in me. also, the need to avoid paying bills. the tremendous benevolent insect is on the wing, becoming powerful by insisting that everyone has the power to accomplish what they desire.

cdvii. when my parents first met

July 21, 2006

rainbows settled in silent flares around their faded bell-bottoms and defiant hair, igniting them. they were the revolution.

cdiv. harlem

July 19, 2006

maybe my dreams of you ran through my fingertips until the weary fires finally died. perhaps disappointed tears doused them, bright vibrant colors running down through dead uneven grass to the seas where even the dolphins have grown oddly quiet.

cdii. dangerous places

July 17, 2006

people i love march into places i’m not yet ready to go. they do not return in this lifetime.

cdi. thinking about last night

July 16, 2006

fast car. how fast can it go? rev up the motor. let out the throttle. full speed around that next curve. if you fly at the speed of light, will you disappear into the moon’s belly? i wonder.

cccxcix. upheaval

July 15, 2006

you said you wanted me to hold you. i rushed inside you instead.

cccxcviii. slowmo

July 14, 2006

the birds are slower these days. too many worms get away. the sun swells like a heartbeat and sweat pours down my back.

cccxcvi. pity

July 13, 2006

hands stroke under my sheets, drawing lost loves back to haunt. they piggyback old wants onto your cries.