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clxi. the broken clock is like a psalm

January 29, 2006

i like for sunday to go real, real slow, like a deaf-mute clock from the 60’s, silently stuttering on the wall, or like you on top before the coming goes.

clx. missed calls

January 28, 2006

you always ring me up with the same non-expression. ring, ring, ring. ring, rang, rung. not even a wink. not even a smirk. not even the latest weather report.

cliii. basic training #3

January 25, 2006

love is the dagger you see before you in one of your softest soliloquies.

cxlix. void

January 22, 2006

force these walls black, throw upon them that which conceals, covers the pain, the lies i scratched upon it. i want to run my nails deep, deep along those cracks, and scream, and writhe, and leave it as such.

cxlviii. sometimes i forget

January 22, 2006

never a juncture to the shy. discount, and pass the quiet off.

cxlvi. it ain’t what the moon did

January 21, 2006

lust for what? huh? you say something? nah. did i tell ya this city likes me? a few times, yeah.

cxlv. experiment

January 20, 2006

now we’re chewing on lightbulbs just to see if sparks will fly from our mouths. we’re licking electrical sockets to see if our tongues will bleed. i’m kissing lightning bolts to see how shocked i’ll be.

cxliv. sift

January 20, 2006

remember when we were honest with each other? neither do i.

cxl. flicker

January 17, 2006

i never really was good at talking over wooden coffee tables, legs dangling in the undertoe of tapping fingers and heavy sighs, playing with the matches over and over to see which would burn the longest.

cxxxiv. dior is not italian food

January 13, 2006

and it’s not even italian.