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cv. stop-don’t-pause-go

December 30, 2005

red light as you leave again. you walk right through the puddle on the street. you don’t pause, don’t even glance at your feet, because who really waits for the green light at 4 am? i do.


c. that’s bullshit, sweetie

December 27, 2005

you talk to me like your doing a voice-over. they fed you laxatives and made you look sick. it felt like our conversation was powered by a fuel generator. i don’t care how you got in here. i just want you out.

xcviii. buddhists define spirituality as emptiness

December 25, 2005

formless and enlightened, i be.

xciv. be(d)side

December 23, 2005

if i could move myself across asphalt, i’d deliver company with my palms facing upward, and my eyes looking right through you. because i understand loneliness even if it is temporary.

xciii. christmas rush

December 22, 2005

all these faces have turned to rubber; fully animated but say nothing. the plots and angles entangle but never move much. if we’re lucky, we might get a little soft porn in the pile up.

xci. lick and a promise

December 22, 2005

it’s the miniscule things that get noted after everything else. the expression in obscure overtones, the twinkling of a dying star, the audible mourning in a piano song.

xc. we’re better when we’re farther apart

December 21, 2005

you are thirty. you are young. i am thirty one. i am younger.

lxxxix. target shooting

December 20, 2005

i couldn’t feel the left side, but the right felt like a series of shots in the same area.

lxxxviii. monotone

December 20, 2005

in a dusty motel room under a tungsten light, i struggle to hide my face. i press my cheek against yours and listen to the inconsistent tick from the crippled clock on the wall.

lxxxvii. at all

December 19, 2005

if the heart had a brain, we’d all be suicides. if the brain had a heart, we’d all be jesus. if you think you found an answer, you don’t understand the question.