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cdlxi. marian

September 5, 2006

the desire to hear what you’re up to as a tale of glory is so strong in me. i go running to have something to do.


clxxxi. you can’t work from home

February 9, 2006

regardless of your thrumming laptop telling the world that it doesn’t matter what the conditions may be.

clxviii. stress-related stress

February 2, 2006

you’ll feel it for days. regardless of how much chocolate you pump into your semi-sluggish veins. regardless of how much ibuprofin you can suck down.

cxxxi. non-terminating recursive algorithm

January 12, 2006

same shit, different day.

cxxix. when life hands you lemons

January 10, 2006

you make lemonade. or you could just squeeze the citric acid into the bitch’s eyes and watch her squirm.

cxvii. lightweight

January 5, 2006

so many pills to make you numb. for me, work is enough.