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cdlv. nostradamus would be ashamed

August 31, 2006

why predict sexual dysfunction when there are tidal waves in the offing?

cdliii. imagine

August 29, 2006

if you will, three mice. contrary to what you have heard, they are not blind, but are in a spaceship traveling near the speed of light. this makes them unavailable for your supper, yes.

cdxlv. learn to look beyond

August 22, 2006

real treasures must be peeled apart much the way you’d peel an onion: a layer at a time.

cdxxvii. a-10-shun

August 6, 2006

if we could only fathom what a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience life is, perhaps we would pay more attention to it.

cdxxvi. this war

August 5, 2006

predators don’t have regrets. memory does. predators, however, unfortunately, like their prey, have memory. i want to eat up all the histories of all of men and thereby set them free. but sometimes i suspect the selfish content of my motives.

cdii. dangerous places

July 17, 2006

people i love march into places i’m not yet ready to go. they do not return in this lifetime.

cccxcviii. slowmo

July 14, 2006

the birds are slower these days. too many worms get away. the sun swells like a heartbeat and sweat pours down my back.

ccclxxxii. innocence

July 4, 2006

it’s kind of like learning to slip my briefs off so you can touch me–those little tricks you learn over the years in some dark backseat of a car or maybe if you’re lucky, a sofa.

ccclxxviii. oh

July 2, 2006

what in the end is the function of recording all your perceptions, is a line of thought that gives me oh-are-we-at-the-end-already feelings.

ccclxxiii. rain

June 28, 2006

why on windy days do you come down at an angle?