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cdlxxxiii. i will be an archive

November 23, 2006

until further notice.


cdlxvii. due to the storm

October 4, 2006

he was off for a few days like before. he will again be if another storm would hit the metropolis.

cdlv. after a walk

September 18, 2006

cut down by the sky. between shapes, moving toward the serpent and crystal-craving shapes. i’ll let my hair grow. maybe.

cdliv. sunday mute

September 17, 2006

i didn’t talk all day long but it was quite exhausting.

cdli. stair

September 14, 2006

the stages of losing like holding onto water. the cold rushing by nearly waking. i couldn’t stay that way. that’s why i’ve gifted the breeze with nothing, with steps of air.

cdlix. be warned

September 3, 2006

don’t think for one fucking instant that i don’t have a heart.

cdxxvi. this war

August 5, 2006

predators don’t have regrets. memory does. predators, however, unfortunately, like their prey, have memory. i want to eat up all the histories of all of men and thereby set them free. but sometimes i suspect the selfish content of my motives.

cdviii. adhd

July 22, 2006

all day, the need to avoid paying attention was welling up in me. also, the need to avoid paying bills. the tremendous benevolent insect is on the wing, becoming powerful by insisting that everyone has the power to accomplish what they desire.

cccxcvi. pity

July 13, 2006

hands stroke under my sheets, drawing lost loves back to haunt. they piggyback old wants onto your cries.

cccxcv. friction

July 12, 2006

tires on the highway on the way to work, balding on this one hundred pesos to fill up my gas tank commute.