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cccxliii. bomberclad joint

May 20, 2006

reading is part of life, the anatomy of melancholy is part of life, music is part of life. but is it clear yet what wittgenstein meant when he declared that a subject is a limitation of the world? it is not. it is saturday. let’s party.


cccxxxv. pacify

May 14, 2006

today, i am staying in the minor chords. i am trying to maintain what i’ve known since beyond being alive, juxtaposed with a shot of kfc in the fridge.

cccxxx. rainy night tonight

May 12, 2006

every leaf and breath and star and crickets and voice was perfect, lost in time like me, and i sang for the moon into dawn, the moon tearing wounds in the sky, savage and desperate to send me to bed.

cccxvii. you and me and don mclean

May 4, 2006

i don’t know why i sing “starry, starry night”, nor do i know what vincent was trying to say. all i know is everything comes alive; every blue, every yellow, and everything i knew of everything when i’m with you.

cclxxii. i think i am doing better

April 5, 2006

i am still anciently four positioned for blows, hoarding words and music forever, meant to move alongside this little life of mine.

cclxvii. contemplating jazz

April 2, 2006

there’s one on every corner. there’s one in every language. the arrangement’s always the same though perhaps the instruments are different.

ccxliii. billie holiday

March 19, 2006

if music has an antithesis, it’s to sing the same song the same way. this, she could never do.

ccxl. eels

March 16, 2006

just a ripple as you push play and see yourself on the screen, flying by in fast motion, like a keystone mice chasing some farcical musical cheese.

ccxxi. fat freddy’s drop

March 5, 2006

i wish i could find a song to express my mood, but you know i’ve heard them all before. but baby, this is new.

ccxviii. at 2:11 am

March 3, 2006

a sound emerges, faint but clear, like the gentle flow of angels rowing through dense humidity. a sound so sweet, the dogs cease barking. someone jumps to seek the source but it is no more.