Archive for April, 2006

cccviii. double cream

April 28, 2006

if you can’t give me fire, then you don’t have what i need. when you touch my naked body, i want the gold in your teeth to melt.

cccvi. i pause here unknowing

April 26, 2006

it is difficult to color glue-sniffing, zombie kids. street children have no kaleidoscopes. they are not wildflowers.

cccv. living dead

April 26, 2006

this is a story about coming down hard, and expecting too much, talking too much, and having too much faith. being too willing to give it all away.

ccciv. beauty lies in simplicity

April 25, 2006

i lie spent on some stranger’s naked back, the village idiot fingering god.

cccii. content churns complacency

April 25, 2006

the body language between us casted doubt. i thought there was a chance out. my thoughts drifted between the distance. i thought i heard you think of me.

ccc. zoo

April 23, 2006

the following four accidents were systematic. the night sky was empty contrary to the cotton monsters that hide in our trouser pockets. we were mice against drowsy snakes.

ccxcviii. basic training #6

April 22, 2006

love is a tooth just waiting for its cavities to be filled.

ccxcvii. mel, may you rest in peace

April 21, 2006

the angels are drops of water sliding back and forth on anxious fingers ready to testify: maybe i should pretend they’re not there. they’ve all gone anyway, like a million glances evaporating quickly into make-believe air.

ccxcv. on the wall

April 20, 2006

it’s not the mirror that is shattering into wings of sharp stone. i am the mirror. i am not shattering. my body is the mirror and all the little stones are my naked, broken selves.

ccxciii. sheep shapes

April 19, 2006

sometimes insomnia can break your heart and leave you covered in paper fragments.