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cdlxxxiii. i will be an archive

November 23, 2006

until further notice.


cdliv. sunday mute

September 17, 2006

i didn’t talk all day long but it was quite exhausting.

cdlix. be warned

September 3, 2006

don’t think for one fucking instant that i don’t have a heart.

ccclxxxvi. atchoo

July 6, 2006

he sneezes silently in a blue shirt, bless you almost as quiet.

ccclxiv. masturbation

June 3, 2006

drunk, i called you, my left hand, my old flame.

cccxxxiii. wanna fuck?

May 13, 2006

yes. i am saying no.

cccxix. bluetooth

May 5, 2006

talking to self? or tiny phone clipped to ear?

ccxcii. poker, poke her

April 18, 2006

there’s a flame. there’s a spark. but you beat my high score.

cclxxv. stale cigarettes

April 7, 2006

yet again, i have allowed myself to be reborn.

cclxx. farting

April 4, 2006

sometimes we talk about those kinds of things.