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cdlxv. avoiding complications

September 27, 2006

don’t drink. don’t smoke. don’t sleep around. don’t take drugs if you can help it. do drive safely. stop when the light turns red. there are reasons for such rules.

cdxlvi. on learning to laugh it off

September 9, 2006

a little game i’ll never break because you’re always on my mind. oh yeah.

cdxliv. my love

September 7, 2006

and when it gets darker, there will always be the moon: creamy like her skin, heavy like her heart, constant like our love.

cdlx. ???

September 4, 2006

who knew the sky was so heavy? who knew speed could catch light’s comeuppance? who knew together they would sag, ruffle, catch, and molt?

cdxxvi. this war

August 5, 2006

predators don’t have regrets. memory does. predators, however, unfortunately, like their prey, have memory. i want to eat up all the histories of all of men and thereby set them free. but sometimes i suspect the selfish content of my motives.

ccclxx. gone, like n’sync

June 26, 2006

he went on hiatus for 18 days without hanging a sign on the door. but he’s back, but he’s back.

ccclxiv. masturbation

June 3, 2006

drunk, i called you, my left hand, my old flame.

ccclxi. it never rains in southern california

June 1, 2006

uhm, california is, like, so totally, like, oh my god, nice and stuff. totally. see you in, like, december or something.

cccliii. wait, i’m confused

May 27, 2006

if i accept that i’m unique, do i have to give up the idea that i’m special? have to, should, right, wrong. now go in there and fight for your right not to fight. tell me again how rumi is better than batman?

cccxlv. shut/atrium

May 21, 2006

shut: you can hold it. you should have gone. before we left, before we left. atrium: this is where you wait.