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cdlv. after a walk

September 18, 2006

cut down by the sky. between shapes, moving toward the serpent and crystal-craving shapes. i’ll let my hair grow. maybe.


cccxxiii. this is killing me

May 7, 2006

a husband. a wife. a lover. a robot. a zombie. a monster. a cheater. another.

cclii. might break as a layer of skin

March 24, 2006

well and everything was yeah put back together then like before but better than uhm that.

cxlvi. it ain’t what the moon did

January 21, 2006

lust for what? huh? you say something? nah. did i tell ya this city likes me? a few times, yeah.

cxxx. j’ai change mon nom cent fois

January 11, 2006

parce que tout le monde aime un petit monstre.

cxxviii. undertones

January 10, 2006

echo the alley. laugh real hard. add your own backbeat. cover the scar. kick at the pavement. swing to the side. pedal the machine. tell me it’s fine.

cxxii. where did it go?

January 8, 2006

puff inhale stare exhale marvel take in slosh around swallow wonder puff inhale shiver exhale smile.

lxxxvii. at all

December 19, 2005

if the heart had a brain, we’d all be suicides. if the brain had a heart, we’d all be jesus. if you think you found an answer, you don’t understand the question.

xxxiv. anything

November 20, 2005

table. chair. couch. arms. fingers. table. glass. water. mug. coffee. chair. couch. table. chair. salt. shaker. table. numbers. pens. papers. pads. table. what i wouldn’t do to be next to you right now.