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cccxliii. bomberclad joint

May 20, 2006

reading is part of life, the anatomy of melancholy is part of life, music is part of life. but is it clear yet what wittgenstein meant when he declared that a subject is a limitation of the world? it is not. it is saturday. let’s party.


cccxxxiii. wanna fuck?

May 13, 2006

yes. i am saying no.

cccxxvii. pie

May 10, 2006

this hot crescent moon is gleaming like an upturned palm in the eastern sky, everything is wrapped in a kind of glow. does blood know vessels? do muscles know bones? listen. there is a hum in the deep woods.

cccxxv. seaweed

May 8, 2006

and i know not where i am going, or who it is i am following, but i hear the roar of water flowing, is there something i should be knowing?

cccxx. d’ lucky ones

May 5, 2006

watching the imaginary movie they make about me. everybody does it. don’t they? don’t you? watching that movie on a little couch in my head. hoping they’ll remember to include this particular scene. oh, and that one, too.

cccxviii. broccoli or brussel sprouts?

May 4, 2006

the point really is, i wanted to say something profound about time and mirrors, but then i get so far inside you, i forget.

cclxxviii. erasure

April 9, 2006

but who thinks of these things?

cclxxvi. i was asked recently

April 7, 2006

who are you really? who would you be without your tragi-stories? or your quadri-sected secrets that don’t actually mesh?

cclx. you want a haiku?

March 29, 2006

not quite a captured kodak moment, oh no. far from profound, and it likes to break all kinds of rules, especially the ones of sound. do you still want a haiku?

ccxv. saints and poets

March 1, 2006

have you ever seen beauty in the most random things?