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ccxliii. billie holiday

March 19, 2006

if music has an antithesis, it’s to sing the same song the same way. this, she could never do.


ccxlii. moan

March 18, 2006

i am that which howls in your lonely corridors, creeping under locked doors to deliver you in soft shivers from the deepest recesses of time and mind, caressing down your spine and flesh where dead skin is shed.

ccxli. picturing eve

March 17, 2006

the night and the others only exist to serve her, subservient backdrop and lights unnecessary, twinkle meekly in her direction. she’s the first woman, all right, and she got me on my knees and crawling for just one taste of eternity.

ccxl. eels

March 16, 2006

just a ripple as you push play and see yourself on the screen, flying by in fast motion, like a keystone mice chasing some farcical musical cheese.

ccxxxiv. as fast as wheels can turn

March 13, 2006

there was no full stop. i fled and drove for what felt like years, thinking about things, like how you lay while you were asleep. i only stopped for gas and that odd urination.

ccxxviii. found art

March 9, 2006

your face emerges in the bathroom tile, stray hairs complete your profile. in another square, your full face. strange how you may or may not be the one i share my life with.

ccxxvii. like so

March 8, 2006

experience is an eloquent orator, telling me it’s just an illusion. longing is the silent grunt of a tulip, budding because it has to.

ccxxvi. hidden

March 8, 2006

the tide may struggle but it can’t outrun this burning desire to be inside you.

ccxxv. what the calendar doesn’t show

March 8, 2006

the world may take your hair, your mind, your body, but not your eyes and the way you give them to me.

ccxxiv. basic training #4

March 7, 2006

love is a masquerade of false personas, mass-produced with colorful shades of tawny, beige, and an array of nude tones. we are taught to hide and conceal flaws and imperfections that may be unacceptable to the public.