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lxxxv. it feels like luxury

December 18, 2005

i have been smoking heavily and breathing even heavier, and running my fingers over the pearls of your spine. you know, i never asked for any of this.


lxxxiv. instant vintage

December 17, 2005

all the incompletes are hidden behind my jeans and shirts. the overflowing boxes that used to hold fancy shoes now hold ripped pictures and letters and polaroid smiles and skewed memories.

lxxxiii. alfalfa

December 16, 2005

sneer through gapped teeth handy for sucking in secret cigarette smoke and anything else that seems to get through any cracks.

lxxxii. i don’t like the sound of car engines

December 16, 2005

but i like the sounds we make between the silence: hold our breaths, count to ten, hope that no one finds us.

lxxxi. prufrock moves eliot

December 16, 2005

having dinner with you is good for my lungs.

lxxx. like once and again

December 15, 2005

the sound of your fingertips on my palm was like circling the rim of a glass: so high pitched i could barely hear it. like that, or like the boiling of heroine.

lxxix. mime

December 14, 2005

so let’s just pretend that everything and anything was never meant. are you ready?

lxxviii. so anxious

December 14, 2005

quiet and skeletal and always on edge, like the house they never finished building, like the cat that followed me home.

lxxvii. art lover

December 13, 2005

tonight, the moonlight is a classical painter, capturing the mother and child with her pen. i hope she never closes the curtain.

lxxvi. forget the streets

December 13, 2005

i’m taking the shortcut.